How to Make a Tote Bag out of a T-Shirt | No Sew Tote Bag from Old T-Shirt

Here’s how to transform your old t-shirt into a practical DIY tote bag!

Required Material

  1. Old T-Shirt
  2. Scissor
  3. Pins
  4. Pencils
  5. Ruler


1. Cut Sleeves

Lay down an old t-shirt straight on a flat surface and start to remove its sleeves using a scissor.

2. Cut The Border

Next, cut off the bottom border of your shirt. Make sure your t-shirt is lying flat on the surface to avoid any wrong cuts. Preserve the bottom border as it will be useful for the next steps.

3. Insert The Pins

Fold the t-shirt in half and use stitch pins to mark a deep neck-hole on the shirt.

4. Cut The Pin Side

Cut off the area that you marked as the deep neck-hole in the shirt in the previous step.

5. Remove All Pins

Once done, remove all the pins from the shirt.

6. Cut The Border Side

Mark consequent lines (6 inches from the bottom and 2 cm wide from each other) on the shirt and cut the fringes.

7. Knot The Border

Now, take one piece from the back and front respectively and tie a knot together. Do this with every piece from the starting till the end.

8. Take a Print

Take out a print of the favored design on an iron-on transfer paper that you would like to display on your bag.

9. Iron on Print

Use an iron to press the design on your shirt.

10. Take out the Paper

Now remove the paper to get a clear print on your t-shirt bag.

12 Tie the Ends

Now use the bottom part that you cut from the shirt to attach the side parts of the shirt to make a handle.

Check the video tutorial:

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