DIY Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum with Coconut Oil and 2 Other Ingredients

Follow this effortless 3 ingredients serum to grow your eyelashes fast!

Required Material

  1. Vitamin-E Oil 1/3 of Jar
  2. Caster Oil 1/3 of Jar
  3. Coconut Oil 1/3 of Jar
  4. Jar


1. Take A Mini Jar

First things first, arrange for a mini jar in which you can store the eyelashes serum effectively.

2. Vitamin-E Oil

Fill the entire bottom layer of the container with Vitamin-E oil.

3. Castor oil

Now, fill in the middle layer with castor oil.

4. Coconut oil

Finally, finish the layering by adding coconut as the top layer.

5. Proportion Oils

This is how you should proportionately add 1/3 of each oil.

6. Mix it Well

Mix all the oils together using a spoon or anything.

7. Ready To Use

Take a fingerful of this serum and apply it on your upper eyelash line and leave it overnight. The next morning you should feel positive about your eyelashes. Continue doing this for about a week for the most effective results.

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