DIY Rubber Band Flower

If you love crafting and decorating your home, this idea of DIY Rubber Band Flower is for you!

Required material

  1. 20 Rubber Bands
  2. Glue Gun
  3. Paper

1. Glue

Start by gluing a rubber band in a manner that it takes the shape of a leaf.

2. Repeat

Repeat step 1 until you finish gluing all approx 10 of the rubber bands.

4. Take a paper

Take a square sheet of paper of any color you wish.

5. Two-Part

Fold the square sheet diagonally into two halves and tear them apart!

6. Fold the paper

Now, with the help of a pencil or manually, roll the paper so that it forms a replica of a stick and stick the ends of the paper so that it doesn’t open up.

7. Make some paper sticks

Likewise, make few more sticks using the same method as in step 5 and 6.

8. Sticking  Together

Stick the leaf-shaped rubber bands together using a glue gun so that it looks like a flower.

9. Make a flower leaf

This is how your flower should look like!

10. Knot for the top

Take a rubber band of contrasting color to the flower and tie the former in a knot.

12. Glue in the Center

Using glue, stick the knot in the middle of the flower.

15. Paper Stick

Glue the paper stick and insert it into the middle of the flower.

16. Repeat

Repeat the previous steps until you complete all your flowers and then put them in any decorative vase to showcase your creativity!

Here’s The Tutorial:

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