Light up your Home with This Easy DIY Mason Jar Candle

DIY these pretty Mason Jar Candles in no time to decorate your home!

Required Material

  1. Wax Pellets
  2. Wax Dye
  3. Mason jar
  4. Long Wick
  5. Peg
  6. Heating Pot
  7. Wooden Spoon
  8. Kitchen Towel
  9. Measuring cup
  10. Knife & Glue
  11. Essential Oils

21 Creative DIY Lantern Ideas

1. Fill The jar with Wax Pellet

For the first step, you need to measure how much of wax pallet is needed to make your mason jar candle. Fill the mason jar to the maximum capacity with wax pallet.

2. Pour The Measured Pellets Into the Pot

Pour the pallet into the heating pot.

3. Fill The jar Again Slightly below the top

Again repeat the first step by filling the mason jar with wax pallet, this time fill it slightly below the top. Once complete, pour the pallet into the heating pot.

4. Add Small Amount of Wax Dye

Now, add a small amount of wax tye to the heating pot.

5. Set Your Stove to a Low Heat

Start heating up the pot, keep the stove at low heat. Stir it continuously!

6. Gluing in the Base of Wick

Glue the metal base of the wick to the bottom of the mason jar. To ensure its position, use a peg.

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7. Add Some Drops of Essential Oils

Choose your favorite essential oil and add a few drops to the melted wax.

8. Pour the Wax Into the Jar

Once the wax melts completely, carefully pour the wax into the mason jar. Hold the wick using a peg to ensure its position. Leave the mason jar undisturbed for 24 hours.

9. Clip the Wick and Trim It

Trim the wick using a scissor. Use a kitchen towel to clean the wax from the pot.

10. Tighten the Cap of Mason Jar

Tighten the cap of the mason jar and light the wick using matchstick or lighter!

11. Ready!

The mason jar candle is all set to add a whimsical touch to the surrounding once you turn the lights off!

Here’s the Video Tutorial

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