DIY Beautiful Water Candle | How to Make Floating Water Candles

How about creating a Floating Water Candle? Help yourself in making this DIY Beautiful Water Candle with this 6 step tutorial.

Required Materials

  1.  Glass cup
  2. Water
  3. Lamp oil or Cooking oil
  4. Candlewick
  5. Compass
  6. Scissor
  7. Tape
  8. Transparent Sheet
  9. Food Coloring
  10. Marbles
  11. Small Stones

Steps To Follow:

1. Draw a Circle

Take a transparent sheet and using a compass, draw a circle of around 1-2cm radius and make a hole in the center of it.

2.  Cut the circle out

The second step is to cut the circle out you made in the first step.

3.  Thread the Transparent

Now, thread the transparent circle with a wick and the extra wick out.

4. Fix the Wick

Use a transparent tape to fic the wick to the circle.

5. Put Some Marbles into the Glass

Take a “teardrop” shaped glass or any shape you like, and put some marbles inside the glass.

6. Pour Water

In the next step, pour water into the glass cup.

7.  Pour lamp oil

Now, pour lamp oil into the glass cup.

8. Put the Wick on the top

Put the wick on top of the glass.

9. Fire the wick

Finally, light up the wick using a lighter or matchstick.

10. Ready!

Your DIY water candle is all set to radiate your centerpiece! Enjoy your new level creativity with this water candle.

Watch The Tutorial:

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