How to Make Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder | DIY Bird Feeder Plastic Bottle

Here’s how to Make functional and inexpensive Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder in 7 simple steps using a plastic bottle and few more basic supplies!

Required material

  1. Plastic bottle
  2. 2X Sticks or Dowl Rods
  3. String or Twine
  4. Bird Seeds
  5. Drawing Pin
  6. Scissor

Steps To Follow

1. Make Holes

First, use drawing pins to make two holes on two opposite sides of the bottle and then use a pair of scissors to widen the hole.

2.  Insert Stick in Holes

Insert dowel rods or sticks from the holes you made in the first step.

3. Making More Holes

Repeat the first step by again making two holes at 90 degrees of the earlier ones and insert the stick after that.

4. Make Drainage Holes

At the bottom of the bottle, make holes for the drainage.

5. Cut Small Space

About 4 cm above the holes, use drawing pin to make a slight hole and widen it using a scissor. These spaces will be the source from where the birds can take the food. The holes should be 7-8 mm in width.

6.  Hanging Holes

Make two more holes on opposite sides towards the neck of the bottle. Further, pass a strand of string or twine through the holes, this will serve as a medium to hang your feeder to any branch of a tree or wherever you want.

7. Add Bird Seeds

The final step is quite obvious, that is of adding the life to the feeder by adding some bird seeds!

8. Ready

Your homemade bird feeder is ready to serve its purpose. Hang it to a branch or any suitable point. Now relax and watch the birds having filled their middles.

Check Out The Video Tutorial:

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