DIY Paper Heart Showpiece | How to Make Showpiece at Home Step by Step

Showcase your Creativity by making this step by step Paper Heart Showpiece at home, using just a metal wire, cardboard, paper and few more basic supplies! It’s an ideal gift for your partner!

Required material

  1. Paper
  2. scissor
  3. Pen
  4. Cardboard
  5. Glue
  6. Fluorescent Paper
  7. Brush
  8. Thread
  9. Beads
  10. Metal wire
  11. Lid container


1.  Mark heart on the  paper

Fold a paper in half and start making half the heart on one side of the paper.

2. Cut heart mark using scissor

Use a scissor to cut the heart out, you made in the previous step.

3.  Make two heart mark on cardboard

Use the previous step’s heart as a stencil and replicate 2 hearts on a cardboard piece.

4. Cut both heart mark

Now, cut out the cardboard hearts.

5.  Glue the Sides

Glue the sides of the cardboard hearts and paste them together.

6.  Marking

Draw the hearts on a fluorescent paper, preferably red in color.

7.  Cut Fluorescent Paper

Cut the fluorescent heart using scissors.

8.  Paste both Sides

Paste the fluorescent hearts on the cardboard hearts.

9. Covering Edge

Cover the edge of the heart using strips of white sheet. Repeat doing the same step with 3-4 strips.

10. Paint White Color on the Edge

Paint the edge of the heart with white paint.

11. Thread in the bead

Insert a bead to one end of the thread at tie knot so that the bead doesn’t roll down.

12. Paste bead on the Heart

Use an adhesive to attach the bead to the heart as it is done in the picture above.

13.  Give shape to the metal wire

Take a metal wire and bend it, so that it forms a circular shape.

14. Cut extra wire

Cut the extra wire using a sharp tool so that the wire takes the shape of a somewhat waning crescent moon.

15. Paste bead on the top

Once you are done with shaping the wire, paste one bead each on the ends of the wire.

16.  Stand the wire

Use a strong adhesive to glue the bottom of the wire to the lid of any container.

17. Paint on the wire


Start painting your wire with the color of the bead you have chosen!

18. Knot heart shape on the wire

The last step is to knot the heart shape to the metal wire.

19. Ready

Voila! Your handmade metal heart showpiece is all set to flaunt your creativity!

Check the Video Tutorial:

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